“It’s like exercise, but for the soul. Without all the sweating.” – Ian B.


Have you always wanted to sing, but never quite had the nerve?

Would you like to join a choir, but are worried about having to sight-read music?

Do you love to sing music that is both contemporary and timeless?

Are you a car crooner or shower-time singer who would like to explore the wider therapeutic effects of belting out tunes with others?

Here at Vauxhall Voices we’ve all asked ourselves these questions… and soon found out that the joy of singing together answers them all!

Walk into any of our sessions, and you will soon be swept up by the inspiring experience of learning music by ear, together, turning a simple melody into a three or four-part harmony within minutes and sounding great.

THERE ARE NO AUDITIONS, you don’t need to read music and you will immediately feel welcomed, warmed and wowed. Plus your first session is FREE to try out, no obligations whatsoever.


As Vauxhall’s first-established community choir, we’ve been knocking out feel-good tunes since 2012, annual highlights including our annual picnic in Bonnington Park, and celebrating the holiday season with Spirit & Sparkle at the Wheatsheaf Hall. Throughout the year, we are invited by local pubs and community bodies to stage intimate performances, all of which are entirely voluntary. We celebrated our 5th birthday with a joyful gig at the Magic Garden music pub in nearby Battersea in 2017, and they invited us back for an outdoor gig in autumn where we were even given a free and delicious lunch!

Not sure about the commitment? Turn up to one rehearsal and just see how you feel… we are a diverse and friendly group bunch who turn tunes into uplifting music within minutes under the warm, skilled tutelage of our leader: you won’t be able to resist joining in.

Vauxhall Voices in Bonnington Square Gardens

“Singing out, singing together and making music: simply joyous” – Cheska

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