But I Can’t Sing?

Within five minutes of warm-up, Janna had coached four parts into singing a song from scratch: it was incredible!” – Susannah

*Anyone can join! No auditions, no previous experience and no formal music skills needed*

All children sing! All adults can, therefore, sing: they’ve perhaps just forgotten how…

At Vauxhall Voices we welcome absolutely anyone, from the diva at the front to the shy voice that craves the comfort and safety of numbers.

We are given the magic touch of music by the amazing Janna Goodwille, who uses the ‘natural voice’ method with skill and empathy, celebrating the voice you were born with, learning by ear, weaving all our voices into an harmonious tapestry of sound.

Vauxhall Voices in Bonnington Square Gardens
Janna teaching Vauxhall Voices & audience in Bonnington Square Gardens

“I think singing, breathing, listening and having fun together just brings people together naturally” – Jane A.

Photo (c).pngDiana Jarvis Photography