“The music is global but shares one common theme: a big heart!” – Alex

E Malama (Brian Kessler)
@ Around the World in Song, Nov 2018

With A Little Help From My Friends (arr James Sills)
@ KOV Forum, Spring 2018

Our song choice is wide-ranging, uplifting and simple to learn.

In one performance we’ve been known to travel from the uplands of Sweden to the beaches of New Zealand, throwing in some Fijian, Georgian, African, Blues and Motown hits along the way…

One minute, we will sing a hushed, gorgeous lullaby, the next we are stomping our feet and hollering out a Maori war song.

We sing acapella (without accompaniment) and Janna is brilliant at picking out contemporary or timeless pieces that warm you from head to toe once you’ve sung them.

And the repertoire changes from term to term: we aim to develop musically and stay fresh and fun, not sing the same old tunes at every performance.

Forever Young (arr. Nickomo Clarke)
@ The Magic Garden Pub, Summer 2017

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“I have sung with this choir since it was founded six years ago and still feel fresh about it because we sing such eclectic material” – Richard