What People Say

“For whatever reason, I never thought singing with others was for me, until I saw Vauxhall Voices and decided to try it. I’m so glad I did.  You turn up, leave life, work and Monday at the door and two hours later, go home feeling great.  It’s like exercise, but for the soul.  And without all the sweating.” Ian B.

“Vauxhall Voices is a diverse group of people but there is a genuine sense of community.” Jane H.

“When I am singing with the choir I am so focused on learning the songs and listening to how all the parts fit together that all the other stuff in my head is switched off.  It is a wonderful flow activity and so uplifting.  There’s a real feeling of elation when we sing and all the parts come together to create harmony, it can be quite emotional!  I had no idea that I would get so much out of joining a choir, it really has enhanced my life. I always leave our Monday rehearsals with a smile on my face – it’s a great way to start the week.” Jane A.

“In the beginning when I joined the choir I felt a little bit odd because we don’t use sheet music, but I soon got used to it and now I love it this way because I can concentrate on hearing and feeling the melody and harmony.” Tomoko

“Thank you for welcoming me into the choir, I have really enjoyed getting stuck in and finding my voice again!” Charlie

“Janna herself is a true gem of a leader (and I’ve known a few good ones!) who can hold a room of 30 people enthralled, engaged and learning fast. She is wonderfully inclusive but rewardingly effective: she encourages the shyest of newcomers to sing at the top of their voice and yet achieves that musical nirvana of bringing in the dynamic to a magical, controlled hush when required. She is a magician!” Susannah

“Vauxhall Voices is a friendly, uplifting, fun and talented community choir. Janna is a wonderful and inspiring choir leader and our repertoire is diverse. I love being a member!” Emmie

Vauxhall Voices rehearsal

(c).png Diana Jarvis Photography